Buying e-cigarettes in Perth

Why not just buy from a retail store?
Due to recent changes in Western Australia law, you can no longer purchase e-cigarettes from retail stores in Perth. When buying online, make sure you're not buying inferior, unbranded, "cheap and nasty" ecigarettes imported from China. You won't be able to buy good quality batteries or acccessories, and you have no idea what the vapour liquid contains.

Buy from a trusted source
Green Smoke's e-cigarette manufacturing facilities are certified to meet international manufacturing standards. Every batch of e-cigarette liquid is quality tested by independent labs, ensuring purity and nicotine consistency. They are one of the largest e-cigarette companies online, and have sold tens of millions of products worldwide.

How long does delivery take?
Most international e-cigarette orders only take 10 business days to be delivered from the USA. Orders shipped via FedEx International can be delivered within a week, and most international orders shipped via USPS arrive within 10 business days.