Buy e-cigarettes in Perth

There are currently far less restrictions on where you can use e-cigarettes in Perth compared to tobacco cigarettes, which makes electronic cigarettes a great alternative. E-cigarettes are available in a range of nicotine levels from full strength down to zero nicotine. Vaping creates no ash or smoke (only vapour), and is non intrusive, allowing you to "vape" in places where traditional cigarettes would not be permitted.

Switch to electronic cigarettes and start fresh.

It's time to throw away that smelly ashtray, wash the stale smoke smell out of your clothes, and clean the butts out of your car. With e-cigarettes you will never drop ash on your computer keyboard, or burn a cigarette hole in your couch, and, wait for it ... you can even "smoke" in bed!

Why make the switch to e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes contain no tar and do not produce ash, butts or cigarette odor. Because e-cigarettes aren't lit like a normal cigarette, you can take a single "puff" from an e-cigarette and immediately put it back in your pocket or purse. When you take a puff from an electronic cigarette, the internal heating element (the atomizer) is activated, and the smoking liquid (held in a cartomizer) is vapourized into a vapour. This vapour has a similar "feel" to smoking a traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes - a regular smoker can save over $5000 per year by switching to e-cigarettes.

If you want to buy e-cigarettes in Perth, we suggest starting out with a Starter Kit. Starter kits can be used straight out of the box - simply charge up the included battery, and start vaping. Ecig refills are available in tobacco, menthol and coffee flavour - and come in various nicotine strengths.

Vaporizer starter kits are now available for delivery to Perth. Personal Vaporizers are the next level up from e-cigarettes. They have a larger battery, can hold more e-liquid, and have a much wider range of flavours and accessories.
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E-Cigarettes delivered to Perth

  • No tar or carbon monoxide
  • No cigarette odors
  • High smoke volume
  • Incredibly rich flavour
  • Reliable long lasting battery
  • Superior cartomizer technology